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Hi, Welcome to bandit Protection Agency

Upon signing up you will be asked to pay for the first 2 weeks for insurance that your not a bandit!!

1 week= 15 oz of gold
4 weeks= 50 oz of gold (SPECIAL DEAL) Usually 60oz
4 Months- 200 oz of gold (SPECIAL DEAL) Usually 20 

Deal of the Week

New players will receive first 2 weeks free

Every month there is special deals including extra starter items or cheaper prices.

Upon signing up and acceptance by a admin you will be given co-ordinates to a Safe/Lock box, Place the first 2 weeks of Pay in it and you will be momentarily assigned the starter items.

Starter Items

Full insurance over all items kept in BPA Area (Anything stolen in BPA area will be replaced)
1 Room safe from bandits, Includes insurnance as stated above
1 Safe and Combo (4 digit lock)
1 Car (SUV)
1 Helicopter (Mozzie)
Free Fuel around the world and at base
First 24 hours of signing up you get free helicopter transport around the world.

Sign up under recruitment tab above!
If you miss payment, After 2 weeks you will have your safe cleaned out and items returned, Any items blown up after given will not be replaced,
Anything stolen off BPA Property is not in our jurisdiction and is not covered under insurance.
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