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Survival Guide

Survival of the first Day

 Considering that you recieve many items when signing up this guide will be based as you have joined the BPA already.

1. First thing to do is After obtaining you`re starter items from BPA Admins you should loot around, Don`t loot high popular area`s like, Balota, Elektro, Cherno, or North West Airfeild  as bandit`s tend to hang here and get easy kills. Loot for food, water and a backpack, Find things like Guns and Building items as these can be sold high prices.

2. After obtaining some high priced items, Sell them at Trader city`s around the map. Gold is key to Survival on Epoch.

3. After obtaining some Gold, Go to a trader and buy a Gun, Supplies and Ammo as these will be needed in emergency`s and such exploration. 

4. Missions are high loot areas, 3 Missions are highly recomended for Gold,

IKEA Missions (These carry building supplies, These can be sold high prices or kept to build)

Helicopter Landings (Helicopters land here, High Ai numbers protecting but a good pay out) 

Heli Crashes ( Here will be a high Ai area also, Helicopter mi-17 lands here and can be sold for 50 oz of gold)

All heli`s obtained at missions will de-spawn on server restarts so highly recommended to sell them immediately.

All missions you attend recommends to be in a highly armoured vehicle or 500+m Sniping.